Switching to Direct

  • How can I switch my outside holdings to Jama?
    Our Instant Switch feature allows you place switch orders to shift your holdings from anywhere to Jama. In this way you can save on commissions (upto 40%-50% over 20 years) when compared to regular funds.

    Switching is easy. Go to your 'Outside Holdings' and simply tap on the Switch button shown there. We automatically select the desired target fund (always a direct fund having zero commission). If you wish to change the target fund, you may do that.

    Next enter the units you wish to change OR select the checkbox that says "All Units". The option to enter units is helpful, in case you have some units that may have an exit load.

    Hit Switch and your switch order will be placed.
  • Are there any charges or loads for a fund switch?
    There are no charges for a switch on stocks or funds. However, exit loads may be charged by a mutual fund for an early redemption/switch from a scheme. Also, check if you are liable to pay any capital gains taxes for the switch.
  • Can I switch my ELSS funds to direct plans?
    Yes. The process is the same as any other fund. Please do check if the units you are trying to switch are atleast three years old. The mutual fund rules allow switching only if the units are held for more than three years.
  • How do I move my SIPs to Jama?
    To stop future SIP installments on the other platforms, please cancel them on those platforms. Cancelling the SIPs outside is well worth it as you save on long term compounding commissions and potentially get out of an underperforming fund. You can then open a new SIP in the Jama stock portfolio or any direct mutual fund in Jama.
  • How do I import and switch my outside holdings to Jama?
    To import your holdings to Jama, you just have to email the CAS statement (NSDL/CDSL), OR tap the Import Portfolio in the application. Your MF Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) pdf will be sent to the email id of your choice. It is password protected (password sent in a separate email). Do forward the pdf to and the system will import your portfolio. You can consider our detailed analysis, speak to our advisor and then place a switch order by tapping on the Switch button shown against each fund.
  • I have not yet received the consolidated account statement email for mutual funds
    The Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) pdf takes some time to generate. Please be patient and write to use at in case it does not reach you even after 24 hours.
  • Why did my switch order get rejected?
    Sometimes the Mutual Fund or the Registrar may reject a switch order for various reasons. These could folio number not correctly sent or zero balance in the folio. When something like that happens, please raise a ticket with our Customer Care and we will get back to you promptly.
  • I imported my outside holdings. Do you advice on what to do with these previous investments?
    Yes, as an investment advisory offering, we do analyse the portfolio and suggest any changes. We analyse the stocks in depth for balance sheet strength, promoter alignment, return on equity performance, growth in sales/profit/cashflows and overall reslience. Based on this you can decide which stocks to retain and which ones to switch over. The same data is used to identify which mutual funds are carrying better stocks. Also no fund remains in the top list every year. We monitor fund performance periodically and alert if your investment is not performing well due to any reasons: fund manager change, increased expenses, poor selection of stocks/bonds, wrong bets taken, reducing fund size (AUM), too much churn in portfolio etc. Getting out of bad funds can increase your wealth significantly.
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