Investing in Jama Wealth

  • I do not have KYC. Can I invest in Stocks & MFs?
    For stocks, an online demat account can be opened in 5 to 10 minutes. The process is very smooth and is done by lakhs of new investors every week. From the Jama Wealth app, you can choose Demat account from the Account section. For mutual funds, an eKYC can be obtained using your Aadhar number. This is done only once during your first investment. You will get an OTP on your Aadhar linked phone number which is used to complete the eKYC online.
  • Why do I have to upload my signature again?
    In case of mutual funds, a signature is required to get the BSE account opening form processed. The BSE exchange or the AMC (Asset Management Company ie, Mutual Fund House) may review the signature as a secondary check and may ask it be uploaded again. In case of stocks, you can directly open a demat account or link your existing demat account; Jama does not process any application. We only require your KYC information and eSign an agreement as per SEBI regulations.
  • How do I select which stock or fund to invest in?
    The research team at Jama Wealth helps identify which stocks to buy and update the list on a quarterly basis. You can just choose to buy the portfolio of stocks and buy them in your demat account. We also advise which ones to exit and to what extent. In case of mutual funds, you may choose to invest in any fund you like from the "Invest Now (MF)" link. If you choose any of the advisory picks by Jama, then you will be requested to take a risk profile assessment. SEBI has made risk profile mandatory.
  • What is the difference between Equity Funds & ELSS Funds?
    Equity funds are ideal for long term investing (in a 5 to 7 year timeframe) for those investors whoa re starting small. They invest in companies that aim to grow with the economy. Index funds are a subset of Equity funds and also help in beating inflation. "ELSS" funds also invest in such equities; they provide an additional benefit of Income Tax Saving (under Section 80c or ELSS scheme). ELSS funds have a three year lockin. You may consider ELSS funds if your Section 80c limit is not met by PPF, Children Education and other such eligible investments.
  • Is there a quick way to invest?
    You can choose Top Up to invest in any existing stock portfolio. This will calculate the additional stock quantities based on existing stock holdings and generate buy orders for them. In case of mutual funds, You can tap on the "Invest Now" link on the dashboard and then choose one of the options to invest quickly. You can also top up an existing invested fund by tapping on Invest More button.
  • When will my order get picked up for processing?
    Your mutual fund order is picked up for processing on same day if it is placed within business hours of the Stock Exchange (i.e. between 9:15 am and 3 pm). Otherwise it is picked up during the next business hours slot. For example, if an order is placed on a Friday evening 4 pm, then it is taken up for processing on Monday morning assuming Monday is not a holiday. In case of stocks, the orders are sent to you linked demat account and you are expected to execute them as per your convenience.
  • When will I get my fund units allotted?
    It normally takes 1-3 working days for a mutual fund purchase order to get processed. For Debt Funds (including Liquid, 'Park Cash' type) the time taken could be 1-2 days. For Equity funds, it would take 2-3 days.
  • My bank account got debited but why does fund order show as pending?
    A mutual fund investment order takes 2-3 working days to get processed and units allotted. You can see the expected date of allotment in the 'Under Processing' tab. In case of queries please write to Customer Care. In case of stock portfolios, this issue normally does not arise.
  • My fund units got allotted but why does my mutual fund order show as pending?
    Sometimes there is a time lag of a few hours between the mutual fund unit allotment and the data feed coming from the Mutual Fund to the Exchange. If you still do not see the units being allotted in Jama, please do Raise a ticket with Customer Care at Jama or write to
  • My account did not get debited. Why did mutual fund units get allotted?
    The Mutual Fund House assumes that you intended to make a payment and in good faith picks up the order for processing. If payment is not made, then any units allotted will be reversed in 3 to 5 days. Such units cannot be redeemed in the meanwhile.
  • What is the NAV cut off time?
    Stock prices are dynamic and you get the price at the time of the order. Mutual fund NAVs are calculated end of the day; for your specific investment, whether you get the same day's NAV depends on when you place the order. The BSE cut off times are: 1:30 pm for liquid funds | 2:30 pm for equity and debt funds (2L and above) | 3 pm for equity and debt funds (below 2L)
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