Importing Outside Folios

  • How to import my outside holdings to Jama?
    To import your holdings to Jama, simply forward any Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from NSDL or CDSL, or Stocks/MF portfolio to You can also upload them using the upload button feature. You can tap the Import Portfolio in the application and we will trigger your Mutual Fund Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) pdf via CAMS which will be sent to the email id of your choice (we dont get it directly from them). It is password protected (password sent in a separate email). Do forward the pdf to and the system will import your portfolio.
  • I have not received the consolidated statement pdf
    It is possible that the email sent by CAMS or K Fintech is lying in the Spam or Junk folder of your email. Please check with that. In case there is an issue, we can trigger it again for you. Simply send us an email at and we will do the needful. For your NSDL CAS statement, please note that this is automatically emailed by NSDL once a month from You may forward that to and we can analyse the investments made and provide our opinion on the same.
  • Why don?t you automatically read my email to get the Consolidated Account Statement?
    A lot of people have concerns on giving access to their email. Emails contain a lot of private date and hence people are not comfortable.

    If a lot of our users ask for this feature we can easily implement this but ensure that we only read emails related to Mutual Fund systems and ignore everything else.
  • Why should I forward a mail?
    The email is sent directly to you to ensure privacy of your investment data. You would not wish your consolidated account statement to be received by any other person.

    o better avail the services of a platform like Jama and to track all your investments in one place. Once you forward the statement to then it is processed by our system and your portfolio is loaded. You an place switch orders and enjoy the benefits of direct mutual funds (0% commission).
  • Can I add an outside stock or fund folio to my portfolio manually?
    Yes, you can tap on the Plus or Add button shown in the Outside Portfolio. Enter the stock or folio number (exactly as per the MF statement) and the unit balance. You can even switch mutual fund folios to direct once they are added.
  • Can I track my PPF, EPF and Stocks also in Jama?
    Yes, you can add all such outside investments as Assets and even tag them to your goals as part of your financial plan.
  • Why should I forward the Consolidated Account Statement mail to import my portfolio?
    The Mutual Fund Consolidated Account Statement email is sent by the Registrar (CAMS or K-Fintech) directly to you to ensure privacy of your investment data. The CAS will be kept confidential and used only for the portfolio analysis. With a deep data powered analysis of your funds, you can review their actual annual return (XIRR, which is not easily available), fund performance, quality of funds you are holding and how to structure your portfolio going forward.
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