Your Corporate Benefits

  • How do I enroll my spouse into the same plan?
    When you enrol under your corporate plan, you will get a referral code and a personal link. Simply share this with your spouse and when they signup they will start enjoying the same benefits as you.
  • How will i be reimbursed?
    Your company will reimburse you for the financial wellness program as per the company policy within the limits. You will pay for the subscription on the Jama portal and forward the payment reciept from Jam? to your company HR for reimbursement. Please note that any additional services availed beyond the reimbursement limits shall be borne by the employee only.
  • Can i extend the special corporate plan to my family
    Yes, you are allowed to extend the corporate plan and special pricing to your family. Please note that this applies only to immediate family members which include your spouse, children, siblings, and parents.
  • How will you know that i belong to my corporate?
    To enable you for the special corporate plan, we will need to confirm that you are an employee of the company. Hence an OTP will be requested at the time of your registration with Jama. This will confirm your membership and the discount will be instantly applied. Please note that you may still be eligible for a complete waiver (subject to your corporate limits) by the way of reimbursement.
  • Will i get same benefits if i leave my company?
    Your benefits will be alive as long as you are an employee of your company. In the eventuality that you are no longer an employee, then the benefits may not be applicable at the time of your renewal. Therefore at the time of renewal also, you will be sent an OTP for confirming your continued association with your employer.
  • Will you conduct any special webinars for our organisation?
    Yes, for our corporate clients, we do conduct webinars on Financial Wellness, Investment Awareness & Education. As a matter of fact, we did one session at a large IT MNC with more than two lakh employees, during the Covid months that was attended by several hundred employees.
  • Can you customise your assessments or learning material for our company?
    Yes, we will be happy to customise our assessment checks, and our Jama Academy education material for your company based on the need, and after a discussion with your corporate team. You may make a request through the official channel and if approved, our team will insert a special education/assessment module that can be made available for all your organisation members.
  • Will you share my investment portfolio or details with my organsiation?
    All your investment details will be kept strictly confidential and private to you only. Jama will not share your investment advice and related information with anyone other than you.
  • Will my plan continue if i leave my company?
    Your plan shall continue until the expiry date. Please do send an email to from your official email id informing your change in employment status, and notify us about your new email id so that we can update our records. You can continue to login to the Jama app using your mobile number provided at the time of sign up.
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