Getting Help & Support

  • Where do I get help and support?
    The easiest way to reach us is to write to HELP@JAMA.CO.IN You can also call our Help Desk at 987-026-4643. This is open from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • How do I raise a help ticket?
    You can raise a help ticket by writing to OR
  • How do I rate my experience?
    You can rate your experience with us by visiting the Feedback section and tapping on Give Feedback.
  • Can I give feedback?
    You can give your feedback from the Feedback section and that will automatically create a ticket that we follow-up. After every transaction, you can also rate your experience and share any specific comments. This helps us understand if we need to do anything more to improve your experience.
  • Is there a number to call?
    Yes, the number is 987-026-4643
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