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Invest in best equities & direct mutual funds advised by experts & machine learning.

Unbiased (no commission. no brokerage). Secure (money not touched)

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Our Backtested Results Have Beaten the Index

  • Model equity portfolio with best large and midcap stocks. Reviewed quarterly. Returns over 6 years.
  • Model mutual portfolio of multicap funds. Returns over 5 years.

* Past performance is not a predictor of future performance.

Why investing is better with Jamā

Best Investments. No Misselling.


  • Indirect fees, May not be aligned
  • Jama

  • Direct Mutual Funds
  • Direct Equity
  • Honest & Transparent.

  • No commission, No hidden fees
  • No per transaction feess
  • Performance based advisory available (pay us if you earn)
  • Technology & modern Driven

  • Algorithm based equity and mutual fund selection
  • Analytics based triggers to rebalance portfolio
  • Artificial Intelligence and deep learning models to refine selection
  • Your Security is our Priority

  • We never touch your money.
  • We don't pimp your data.
  • We don't short change you on advice (in the name of 'Fee')
  • Our Services

    Wealth Advisory

    Manage your wealth with a trusted SEBI Regd advisor, who works only in your interest. 50+ man years experience.

    Financial Planning

    Plan a rich life with every financial goal detailed, by our award winning financial planning service.

    Direct Mutual Fund Investments

    Best direct mutual funds picks. Better than industry averages. Earn upto 40% extra vs regular plans.

    Direct Equity Advisory

    Customised equity portfolios with proven track record of beating benchmarks.


    Trusted members


    Locations Served

    300 cr

    Assets advised

    Client Testimonials

    Nageswara Rao Vasireddy

    Jama financial advisors have made Financial Planning truly comprehensive and unbiased.

    Abhijit Sen

    Thanks to Jama Advisory, I could start my business with confidence. Money works hard for me and not the system.

    Gautam Khanna

    Jama direct mutual fund & zero commission/brokerage advisory model builds trust. It is refreshing.

    Our Partners

    BSE Membership
    SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

    Advisor: Simply Grow Technologies

    AMFI Member

    (Only for Switching to direct plans)

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